Uzhhorod National University

About the University

Uzhhorod National University is one of the leading universities in Ukraine. It has a rich history of more than six decades, in the field of medical education across the globe. Its holds its inception in the year 1945 and since then there was no looking back. Known for its quality education and practical exposure towards the latest development in the field of medical science, the university is a dream destination for medical aspirants in Ukraine and abroad. Located in Carpathian,one of the most beautiful and scenic location of Ukraine the University is a place where nature has bestowed its beauty in abundance.

Uzhhorod National University holds the 4th level accreditation and its courses and curriculum are as per the European standards of Education. Global organizations like WHO, UNESCO and other medical agencies has recognized its educational degrees which make it one of the most sought after medical college among students.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure-

Course NameLast Date to ApplySem. Start DateCourse DurationLanguageTuition Fees (in USD)
General Medicine1-Aug-201-Sep-206 YearsEnglish3800 USD Per Year
Dentistry1-Aug-201-Sep-206 YearsEnglish3500 USD Per Year
General Medicine1-Aug-201-Sep-206 YearsUkrainian3500 USD Per Year
Dentistry1-Aug-201-Sep-205 YearsUkrainian3300 USD Per Year
General Medicine1-Aug-201-Sep-206 YearsRussian3300 USD Per Year
Dentistry1-Aug-201-Sep-205 YearsRussian3300 USD Per Year
Postgraduate Course1-Aug-201-Sep-202-3 YearsUkrainian3300 USD Per Year
Clinical Residency1-Aug-201-Sep-202-3 YearsEnglish3700 USD Per Year
Clinical Residency1-Aug-201-Sep-202-3 YearsUkrainian3500 USD Per Year
Junior Specialist program1-Aug-201-Sep-204 YearsUkrainian2000 USD Per Year
Specialist Program1-Aug-201-Sep-202 YearsUkrainian3000 USD Per Year
Ph. D. Programs1-Aug-201-Sep-202 YearsEnglish4000 USD Per Year
For Scientific Work1-Aug-201-Sep-202500 USD Per Year
For Scientific Training1-Aug-201-Sep-20300 USD Per Month
Accommodation/Hostel Fees 850 USD Per Year
Health insurance 150 USD Per Year

Application Procedure

Admission requirements for medical schools examinations in uzhnu are very few and the admission process is easy to follow and hassle free.

  • Completed Application Form;
  • Original and a copy of Education Certificate;
  • Original and a copy of the document which contains the information about its performance in academic subjects;
  • A copy of Birth Certificate;
  • Medical Health Certificate certified by the official Health Protection authority of a country of an applicant’s legal residence and issued no later than 2 months before the date of leaving to Ukraine;
  • A copy of the passport of the foreigner or the document certifying the person stateless;
  • Valid Medical Insurance Policy (except for international students who came from countries with which the agreements on providing free emergency medical aid have been signed);
  • 6 color photos (size 6×4 cm);
  • A copy of Certificate of Foreign Ukrainian (if available).