University of Zurich

About the University


University of Zurich is located in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 1833. The University pursues excellence in research and training.

There are 7 faculties in the university with over 100 different subject areas. The University has wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs.

The faculty of Medicine at University of Zurich has around 30,000 students. There are around 700 qualified instructors. These instructors are involved in teaching activities, research based teaching and trainings. The Faculty of Medicine is largest in the whole Switzerland.

The University has four hospitals. They have internationally renowned environment. The faculty of Medicine at the University provides many unique opportunities to the students, by getting in collaboration with different faculties of the University, other Universities and event the private sector in the country. The entire staff of the faculty of Medicine is committed to provide responsible teaching and training.

University of Zurich is the best place for the health care and their goal is to constantly improve the medical services.



Tuition Fee per Semester Amount in Swiss Franc
Students 720
PhD students 150
Surcharge for foreign students at Bachelor level 500
Surcharge for foreign students at Master, PhD level or in Teacher training 100

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