University of Twente

About the University


University of Twente is located in Enschede, Netherlands. This University is one of the top Universities in Europe.


The Education Model of University of Twente is to make the learning effective and engaging more than ever. This is one of the things that make University of Twente stand out as compare to other Universities. They work with modules and project based trainings. All of their courses have modules, workshops, lectures and feedback sessions with the fellow students. They address real life problems and base their trainings around them. The Model has Student driven learning where students have their own learning process and they make their own choices related to planning and educational activities.



Tuition Fees: Euro 10,750/ Year





Step 1: Choose your Course


Step 2: Check if you meet the admission requirements


Step 3: Check the application deadlines before going further


Step 4: Collect application documents to start the application process


Step 5: Start Studielink application and upload the documents


Step 6: Submit your application via Osiris application

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