University of Oradea

About the University

University of Oradea is located in Oradea, Romania. University of Oradea aims to provide high quality education and research for the social, professional and intellectual development of the student and also to contribute to the city of Oradea in social, economic and cultural context. The University is passionate about grooming and training professionals.


The university has good relations with 352 institutions which are from 39 countries. The University has good range of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate degree courses. There are 15 faculties in the University for the Academic Education and training. Scientific research is an important part of course in the University. So, along with the academics, practical exposure and research is an important criteria of evaluation in the university.


University of Oradea has almost 100 amphitheaters and classrooms, 345 laboratories, 70 seminar rooms. The University has modern library with 5 floors. The library has 5 reading rooms. There are over 300,000 books, magazines, CDs and more in the collection of the library.


Overall the student of the University of Oradea can take benefit of the following facilities: library, medical room, dental office, canteen, sports base, outdoor leisure space and so much more.



Courses Duration Mode of Language
General medicine 6-year English and Romanian
Dentistry 6-year English and Romanian
Pharmacy 5-year Romanian
Nursing 4-year Romanian
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation 3-year Romanian
Radiology and Imaging 3-year Romanian
Technician in dentistry 3-year Romanian

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