University of Gottingen

About the University

University of Gottingen is located in Gottingen, Germany, founded in 1737. There are over 13 faculties and over 30000 students are spread across different courses.


The library at the University has almost 5.8 million books, 34,000 e-magazines, different maps, 14,000 periodicals, 15,000 manuscripts and so much more. In addition to this there are almost 138 independent libraries at the institutes of the University.

The University is providing quality education with research and practical trainings.



Semester Fees:

  • Administration fee: €75.00
  • Student body fee: €9.00
  • Railway ticket: €142.92
  • Bus ticket: €50.90
  • Culture ticket: €9.84
  • Student Union fee: €102.00

Total: Euros 389.66

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