University of Eastern Finland

About the University


University of Eastern Finland was established in 2010 and is a merger between University of Joensuu (established in 1969) and the University of Kuopio (established in 1972).


The University offers wide range of courses which are taught in English. The programmes are built with lots of research to meet the global challenges.


The university has four faculties:

  • Philosophical Faculty,
  • Faculty of Science and Forestry,
  • Faculty of Health Sciences, and
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.


International Collaboration is one of the important parts of University of Eastern Finland. The number of international students is attracted each year. That helps exposure of different cultures in the University.

The University of Eastern Finland organizes lost of research visits and events. They are also engaged in lot of collaborations and development projects within Finland.


Tuition Fees: 8000 Euros/Year


The university is providing 50-70% waiver of annual tuition fee of First Year.

For second year, the waiver of tuition fees is available for students who got minimum 55 ECTS.

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