University of Birmingham Medical School

About the University

Established in 1825, the University of Birmingham was the first university to receive its Royal Charter in 1900. Being one of the most popular UK universities, it has been involved in many discoveries made by the researchers of the university, including gaseous diffusion, cavity magnetron, research on carbohydrate chemistry and structure of glycogen and lactose. In addition, the university launched a scheme named Birmingham Heroes which includes major areas of research like an observation on gravitational force, energy efficient cooling, particles of pollutants, mental health issues, intestine diseases, treatment of cancer and life sciences.

Birmingham University is situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham in the United Kingdom. It houses some of the famous institutes like Barber Institute of Fine Arts which includes artworks by Van Gogh and Monet, Cadbury Research Library and Shakespeare Institute. Also, the campus provides accommodation for its students. Birmingham city has beautiful architecture and is a modern and lively city. Moreover, there are a lot of parks, cafes and delicious street food in the city.

The university has made a remarkable contribution to cancer studies and researches. It is home to over 23,000 undergraduate students and 14,000 post-graduate students. It provides a number of degree programs like undergraduate degree program, master’s degree program, professional degree program and post-graduate research degrees. It also involves scholarship programs for students.

The university has a notable list of alumni that includes Mohamed Yusuf Haji (Defence Minister, Kenya), Junedan Sado (Ethiopian Cabinet Minister), Perry Christie (Prime Minister, Bahamas), David Aubrey Scott (British High Commissioner, New Zealand), Bala Garba Jahumpa (Foreign Minister, Gambia) and Gabriel Horn (Professor at Cambridge University).

Application Procedure

Each year we receive many applications for every place available and it takes a long time to study these applications carefully. You should not be concerned if you do not hear a final decision until some months after you have submitted your UCAS form.

Applicants should enter details of all their qualifications on the relevant section of the UCAS form. Incomplete applications (including a missing reference) will not be considered. A decision will be based solely on the UCAS application and information provided separately or after the deadline will not be considered.

The deadline for UCAS applications to study Medicine and Surgery is 15 October.

Please note the following codes below as you will need them when you apply:

  • University of Birmingham code: B32
  • MBChB code: A100
  • MBChB Graduate Entry (four-year) code: A101

Please note only four choices can be used to apply to medical schools.

The video below has handy tips on what to include in your personal statement. The video includes a variety of subjects for tips on writing a personal statement specificially for medicine skip to 2.43.All applicants applying for the five-year MBChB course or the four-year MBChB Graduate Entry course must sit the UCAT test in their year of application. Candidates living in a country where the test is not offered will normally be expected to travel to take the test. Please visit the UCAT website for information about the test, including important dates and information about bursaries available. You can also access practice tests.