University of Barcelona

About the University

University of Barcelona is located in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is considered to be the one of the best places to study in the world. The University of Barcelona is ranked amongst the top 200 universities in the world and is the best in Spain. The University is spread all over Barcelona.


The university has total of 16 faculties and has wide range of bachelor’s, postgraduate and master’s courses in almost all faculties.


The University has number of services for the students and to provide them with number of extra opportunities.

  • There are sixteen libraries in the University with number of printed books, e books, magazines, publications etc.
  • There is a language centre for the students to learn number of languages and get command over them.
  • Housing facilities for students and researchers
  • Sport facilities etc.


The medical degree at the university aims to train the students in a way that it meets the society’s demands. Teaching & training of students for medical degree at the University of Barcelona is done with excellence and dedication. They believe in competency based education where learning is done with commitment.




Average Tuition fees: 3000 Euros/ Year

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