Ternopil National Medical University

About the University

Ternopil National Medical University is a tertiary medical school at the forefront of medical education and exploration. It continually grows and develops, aiming to become a preeminent and enduring academic research institution for the training of highly-skilled and competitive professionals that are recognized by their peers worldwide and are confident that their training is in demand in today society. Since 1997 international citizens have been studying as students and clinical interns. At that time the Preparatory Courses were organized for them. There were formed departments of Hospital Therapy No.2, Medical Informatics with the Course of Physics and Special Equipment, Emergency Medicine, Ambulatory Care, Diagnostics and Medical Informatics of the Postgraduate Training Faculty (on the basis of the Rivne Regional Hospital), Pharmacognosy with Biology and Medical Genetics, Physiotherapy, Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology No.2, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Subjects. Today, the University comprises 48 departments organized into 5 faculties – Medical Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of International Students, and Postgraduate Training Faculty. Basing on theoretical departments are 4 research institutes, namely of Morphology; Medical and Biologic Problems; Pharmacology; Hygiene and Medical Biochemistry named after M.P.Skakun; Modelling and Analysis of Pathologic Processes; Clinical departments. Theoretical and clinical departments provide the basis for the Institute of Nursing. he University material and technical basis have increased greatly in the last 15 years. All the departments, as well as the library with 4 reading halls and branches at clinical departments, in educational and research institutes, have been computerized. There has been organized the computer center and 39 computer Internet-connected classes.  The University teachers have made about 250 instructional multimedia compact disks with electronic textbooks, video films, and test programmes, altogether more than 23700 items.

The well-equipped medical and consultative center with a dentistry polyclinic proudly presents the up-to-date Centre of dental implantation which is the third in Ukraine after Kyiv and Lviv, and the first University-based. By the Order of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine (August 7, 2008), the Ternopil Medical University was approved as the principal metrological provider of the higher medical educational institutions, another evidence of high University scientific standards.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Apply Online

List of documents required:

  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 10
  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 11
  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 12
  • Copy of school leaving certificate
  • Copy of visual passport

Step 2: Get the Invitation letter

After the evaluation of the documents, the students will be notified about rejection and acceptance of the application.

Step 3: Pay enrolment expenses

After receiving the conformation letter, a student can pay the fees through net banking or other payment methods.

Step 4: Apply for the visa

After receiving the invitation letter, students need to apply for Visa as soon as possible because the visa process could take time.

Step 5: Arrival at Ukraine

The student has to pay the fees of the first year before arriving at Ukraine. Also, students are supposed to provide their flight details, so that our executives can receive and guide any student after arrival.

Step 6: Commencement of Classes 

It is mandatory for every student to bring a complete set of original documents and payment receipts of first year. It is important for students to register himself/ herself at college after 3 days of arriving in the country.


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