Sheffield Medical School

About the University

Sheffield operates an Integrated learning and teaching approach that links clinical medicine to underlying medical sciences. Clinical problem-solving in teams is the focus, with lectures, seminars, tutorials and hands-on work such as dissection also playing a part.

There are five teaching hospitals in and around Sheffield, and the medical school itself has recently undergone a £5 million refurbishment. The school accepts around 237 students onto its medical course each year, but it also offers a 3-year BMedSci in Orthoptics, and a Dentistry degree.

The medical course at Sheffield aims:

To equip students with the essential personal and professional skills required throughout the rest of their course and in their future careers

To integrate the basic and clinical sciences throughout the course

To cultivate in students an attitude of curiosity and a desire for intellectual exploration and critical evaluation

The medical course in Sheffield is clinically led and gives student opportunities to start developing their clinical skills from the start. It is designed around the common and important clinical conditions and uses an integrated learning and teaching approach that relates clinical medicine to the underlying medical sciences.

A combination of teaching approaches, including clinical teaching on the wards in hospitals, in clinics both in general practice and hospitals, lectures, seminars, tutorials, small group work, dissection, together with personal and professional development supported by experienced tutors and personal mentors helps ensure that graduates are well prepared for work in the National Health Service.

Application Procedure

Applying for a place to study Medicine is extremely competitive.

  • For our five-year Medicine MBChB programme (UCAS code A100) we currently have 273 places for Home students from the UK and European Union and 18 places available for International students.
  • For our four-year Graduate Entry Medicine MBChB programme (UCAS code A101) we have 15 places for Home students from widening participation backgrounds. Please note that we do not have international places for our A101 programme.
  • Application should be made for either the standard five-year A100 MBChB course or the Graduate Entry four-year A101 MBChB Medicine course. Applicants who wish to be considered for both A100 and A101 will need to apply to both courses.
  • For entry in 2019 we received over 2,000 applications for a total of 306 places. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive we are unable to consider any late applications. The UCAS application deadline is 15 October 2019.