Riga Stradiņs University

About the University

Riga Stradiņs University is located in the city of Riga, Latvia. It is a public university and offers various study programs and providing training for experts in health care and social sciences who work in Latvia and across the world.


The students from India are appointed by JSP Global solutions Chennai. Online application along with submission of the original documents is required and no entrance exam. Winter or summer semester intake is possible.



The training of students in all clinical and theoretical medical disciplines is coordinated by the department of faculty of Medicine. The departments of the faculty have become scientific schools and research centers that ensure the professional quality of the university teaching staff in cooperation with higher education institutions and scientific institutes of other countries.


The aim of the dental study program implemented at the faculty is to prepare qualified dentists, with knowledge and practical skills to practice in general dentistry, to treat patients with oral and dental diseases, to take educational measures for the prevention of these diseases.





·      For medicine: 6 years – 12000€ per year

·      For dentistry: 5 years –   14000€- 15000€ per year




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