Pleven Medical University

About the University

Pleven Medical University is located in Pleven, Bulgaria. It was established in 1974 and is one of the five medical Universities present in Bulgaria. There are more than 2000 students studying at the University with over 275 foreign students with more than 60 professors and 300 assistant professors who are highly qualified with good academic experiences. There are around 53 students studying Ph.D. International students in the University come from number of countries like India, Great Britain, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, Greece, Turkey, France, Cyprus, Congo, Syria, Algeria, USA, Japan, and Nigeria.

The hospital of the university has more than 1000 beds. University has clinics with number of specialized clinics with modern and therapeutic equipments. The Hostels are efficient with treating patients, training doctors and students, and even for research work.

The university has two hostels, with over 400 beds. Hostels have modern infrastructure with bathrooms in each room.



Medicine in English/Bulgarian language:

Duration: six years

Fee: 7500 euro/Year


English/Bulgarian language preparatory course:

Fee: 3500 euro/Year


Nursing in Bulgarian language:

Duration: four years

Fee: 3000 euro/Year


Midwifery in Bulgarian language:

Duration: four years

Fee: 3000 euro/Year

Postgraduate Specialization courses in Bulgarian language:

Duration: three to five years, depending of the course

Fee: 6000 euro/Year


Postgraduate Studies for PhD. Degree in Bulgarian language:

Fee: 4800 euro/Year

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