Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

About the University

Peoples’ Friendship University is located in Moscow, Russia. The University is one of the leading Universities in Russia. The University has students coming from all over the world and only university which has students from approximately 150 countries. Many graduates from this University work in 170 countries which includes Ph.D. and Doctorate degree holders. The University is recognized by MCI, WHO, USA and many other major medical councils of different countries.

The University has great infrastructure including renowned 4 research institutes, world class laboratories, big stadium allowing 3000 people to sit at the same time, different courts for different sports, along with this they have electronic library, computer rooms etc.


Admission procedure:

Steps to take the admission in Peoples’ Friendship University:

1. Choose the educational programme

2. Submit an application for education

3. Receive an official response from RUDN University

4. Confirm your training and pay an offer

5. Prepare all the necessary documents to obtain the Visa

6. Come to University, give entrance tests and pass the tests

7. Congratulations! You have passed the tests!


Year Tuition fees Hostel fees
Year 1 9500 1500
Year 2 and onwards 8500 1500



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