Odessa National Medical University

About the University

Odessa National Medical University was started as the medical faculty of the Novorossiysk University in Odessa, in the year 1900. Soon, this faculty was regarded as the most prestigious and well equipped medical institution in entire Russia, during that era. However, this affluent institution could not see many days of glory and was temporarily shut down during the time of war. Slowly, once the war subsided and the new education system was brought into place; the institution started gaining popularity in the fraternity of medicine and was groomed as an Independent institution.

Around 1922, an independent medical institution as Odessa Medical Institution became a prominent institution in the southern region. Post independence, Odessa National Medical University was honoured with the 4th level of accreditation by the Ukrainian government.

Currently, by the efforts of the eminent faculty members and contributing members of the medical fraternity of Ukraine ONMU is one of the leading universities of Ukraine. By virtue of the methodological teaching and updated curriculum, ONMU is well accepted and recognized across European and American continent. Every year almost 6000 students graduate from 58 different faculties and accomplish their dreams of becoming a successful doctor. The enrolled students can choose the language for instruction from English, Russian and other Ukrainian languages.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Apply Online

List of documents required:

  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 10
  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 11
  • Copy of the transcript of Grade 12
  • Copy of school leaving certificate
  • Copy of visual passport 

Step 2: Get the Invitation letter

After the evaluation of the documents, the students will be notified about rejection and acceptance of the application.

Step 3: Pay enrolment expenses

After receiving the conformation letter, a student can pay the fees through net banking or other payment methods.

Step 4: Apply for the visa

After receiving the invitation letter, students need to apply for Visa as soon as possible because the visa process could take time.

Step 5: Arrival at Ukraine

The student has to pay the fees of the first year before arriving at Ukraine. Also, students are supposed to provide their flight details, so that our executives can receive and guide any student after arrival.

Step 6: Commencement of Classes

It is mandatory for every student to bring a complete set of original documents and payment receipts of first year. It is important for students to register himself/ herself at college after 3 days of arriving in the country.