Medical university of Silesia

About the University

Medical university of Silesia is located in Katowice, Poland. The University’s mission is to provide the students with up-to-date education with respecting the student’s freedom of knowledge, ethics and humanism.


They have 5 faculties:

  • Faculty of Medical Sciences in Katowice
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze
  • Faculty of Health Sciences in Katowice
  • Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Sosnowiec


The University provides lots of services to the students with modern library and computer labs.


The University also offers accommodation for the students at the dormitories which are located on the campus itself.  The dormitories have all the facilities along with the internet access for all the students.

  • 900 PLN for single room with regular standard bathrooms
  • 740 PLN for single room with lower standard bathrooms




Medicine: 7200 USD/Semester     (Master’s Program)

Dentistry: 7210 USD/Semester     (Master’s Program)

Nursing: 4700 USD/Semester       (Undergraduate Program)

Nursing: 2100 USD/Semester       (Graduate Program)

Pharmacy: 4600 USD/Semester     (Master’s Program)

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