Maastricht University

About the University

Maastricht University is located in Maastricht, Netherlands. The Maastricht University is different from other Universities because of three major things:


  • Innovative education model: Where the University not only encourages the student to learn about the subject matter, but also to upskill and utilizes the skills in problem solving and innovations.
  • International Orientation: Maastricht is the most international university in the country. Most of the students in the University are from abroad from 100 different countries. Also, almost one third of the staff are from abroad. Most of the courses are taught in English.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: Research, academics and trainings at the University is inspired by sustainability. University work in multidisciplinary teams with national and international institutions.


There are more than 20,000 students and 4200 employees in the University. As, the University has strong focus on High quality research and study programmes they had build a strong reputation quickly.


At the Maastricht University, the training of Medicine by encountering real world problems starts from the first day. In the Skillslab the medical skills is acquired with the fellow students. Also, the other skills which are required as a doctor like conversation techniques, emotional response of patient etc. will also be acquired during the course at the University.



Institutional Fees: 32,000 Euros/Year

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