Ludwig Maximilian University

About the University

Ludwig Maximilian University is located in Munich, Germany, founded in 1472. The University is known as Europe’s best academic and research institution. Ludwig Maximilian University attracts number of students from abroad every year. The total number of students in the University is about 15000. About 15-18% students come from countries all over the world other than Germany. LMU Munich has partnered with number of Universities worldwide. There are over 400 partner universities with LMU Munich to manage academic projects and study exchange programs.

University has attracted many talented students and scholars from the world. The Ludwig Maximilian University is committed to give excellent quality training to the students and excellence in research. There are 18 faculties in the University.

The University library is one of the finest libraries in Germany. The library of the university has 15 different locations and with the development the University Library at LMU has developed by carrying out change according to the requirements of research, academic and training. The library has high quality printed books and digital e-books.

Problem-solving, creative thinking and best research are major part of academics at LMU.

The medical Centers of the university treats around 400,000-500,000 patients every year. About 2000 beds are there in 29 clinics, 5 departments, and 12 institutes with amazing doctors and nurses.

The University believes in Gender equality and it has been important part of the policy of LMU. The LMU makes sure everyone is given equal opportunities irrespective of their physical capabilities, gender, sexual orientation, age, cultural origin, nationality.

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