Leiden University

About the University

Leiden University is located in Leiden, Netherlands. It is a public research university founded in 1575. Its primary campus consists of buildings scattered across the college town of Leiden, while a second campus located in The Hague. It has a liberal arts college and several of its faculties. The university offers seven academic faculties and over fifty subject departments and more than forty national and international research institutes.


The university library has more than 5.2 million books and fifty thousand journals, also has internationally renowned special collections of western and oriental manuscripts, printed books, archives, prints, drawings, photographs, maps, and atlases.

The five clusters of scientific areas, including the Leiden University Medical Center, excels are:

  • Fundamentals of Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Law, Politics and Administration
  • Languages, Cultures, Arts and Societies


Tuition fees: 17,000 EUR/Year.






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