Leicester Medical School

About the University

Leicester Medical School was founded in 1975.

Our state-of-the-art George Davies Centre (formerly the Centre for Medicine) was opened in September 2016. At £42 million, the Centre is the largest investment in medical teaching and applied research by any UK university in the last decade. It was designed to help to meet the demand for more capable and caring doctors and also to house applied research that will be at the forefront of improved patient safety and the fight against chronic disease.

We were the first UK medical school to adopt a one-iPad-per-student programme at undergraduate level, and are one of the few UK medical schools offering full-body cadaveric dissection.

Application Procedure

Stage 1: UCAS form

All applications, including those of overseas students and mature students, must be made through UCAS.

We have minimum academic entry requirements for the MBChB and entry requirements for the MBChB with Foundation Year, and also require the UCAT exam to be sat in the year of application. Leicester Medical School is highly rated, so competition for places is keen and we expect high grades in appropriate A-levels (or equivalent).

Your UCAS form should detail your academic qualifications (achieved and pending), a current academic reference and a personal statement, plus details of any employment. Although not routinely read, your personal statement may be assessed in some situations and so should be clear and concise. It should outline your ambitions and experiences, and how they have shaped your personal development.

Medical work experience is not essential but you should be able to demonstrate that you have undertaken some kind of work where you are able to communicate with the public.

From the information on your UCAS form we will calculate a numerical score. The highest-scoring applicants will be invited to interview. Find out more about scoring for the MBChB and scoring for the MBChB with Foundation Year.

Stage 2: Interview

The interview will take the format of multiple mini interviews (MMIs). The process will last just over an hour, and through a number of stations (manned and unmanned) the attributes delineated in the GMC document Outcomes for graduates will be assessed. These include communication, motivation, empathy, comprehension and numeracy.

Based on consideration of both your UCAS form and your interview, we may then make you an offer.

Stage 3: Offer

Your offer will be conditional if you are still awaiting the results of your degree, A-levels, IB or equivalent.