Jagiellonian University

About the University

Jagiellonian University is located in Krakow, Poland, founded in 1364. It was founded by the Polish king Casimir the Great. The University has 16 faculties.


Medical College of Jagiellonian University is formed by three faculties out of 16 faculties in the University. These Faculties are:


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Health Sciences


Since 2017, the Jagiellonian University is ranked first in the category of medical university in very important annual university ranking in Poland.

The medium of communication is Polish language as well as English language. 700 students coming from five continents are the results of the developments in the University.


Along with the graduation courses, University is also offering post graduate and doctoral courses for the students in all the fields of medicine.


  • Prepare your application
  • Fill the application form and register
  • Confirm your registration by paying application fees
  • Prepare for the exam and give the exam. Also exam is not for all programmes.
  • Check the results online
  • And, Enroll

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