Heidelberg University

About the University


Heidelberg University is located in Heidelberg, Germany, founded in 1386. It is one of the oldest Universities in Germany, with one of the best research centers. The Heidelberg University has a world class reputation for Research and is internationally recognized for it. Around 29000 students enroll every year for various programs.


The University focuses on the outstanding training and research based teaching. The trainings are important part of academics at Heidelberg University. The university has around 135,000 e journals, 632,945 e-books and number of encyclopedias, bibliographies, dictionaries in their database along with many printed books.


The University wide range of courses in the humanities, law, social science, life science, MEDICINE, and more. The University aims to strengthen the individual courses further.


The University believes in Gender Equality and diversity of the members irrespective of their age, nationality, color and origin.




Fee Structure for International Students coming from Non- European Union or Non-European Economic Area Countries is:

EUR 1500 per semester

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